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Her gentle inquisitive fingers stroked his face, his temple, his cheek. She lifted her hand from his metal case and started the skim of her fingertips at his forehead again. And again. With an almost imperceptible turn of his head, he allowed his face to nuzzle into her soft welcoming bosom, and rejoiced in the simple pleasure of his communication impulses as they reconnected and allowed the sensation of her silken skin pressed against his face to radiate until he purred with unexpected desire and reveled in the sheer humanity of her touch.


“Yes.” A breathless rush emerged from his lips.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes.” He relaxed and luxuriated in the lap of water on his body, experienced the brush of it as though it was his skin it rippled over.


His tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, he struggled to swallow as he turned his face further into her, smelled the earthy womanliness of her cleavage and nuzzled in.

“Your breasts…”

The last discernible sound was her horrified gasp before he plunged to the depths of the frigid bath water.